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Review of Facebook Ad Secrets by Drew Laughlin

Purchased and Providing A
Review of Facebook Ad Secrets a
PLR Marketing Package

I’ve been investing in Drew Laughlin’s marketing products for a long time, probably since he started. His products are consistent, designed to accomplish a specific task and help you (the internet marketer) to appear more professional and help you to come off as the authority site/person for many different internet marketing tasks and services. He gives you exactly what you need, sales-page, images, videos, and email series along with much more as you progress through his purchase funnel. It all depends on how you want to portray yourself, if you are the expert then you will have all the materials that will support that assumption….. which means you will need to go thru his entire funnel and buy everything. In doing a Facebook Ad Secrets Review I found it difficult to say which part of the package was best, all of it is really good, if you want to work this niche you should really invest in all the offers because you won’t find material like this anywhere!

Facebook Ad Secrets Funnel Review

Facebook Ad Secrets PLR Marketing PackageAt one point in my life that (funnels, upsells, downsells and oto’s) used to get me really mad, but truth is, the marketing funnel is very effective and the tools a marketer like Drew provides come hard to place a value on……… get one big client and the small investment on this end will seem like child’s play. Really, think about it. If you get one guy who ends up buying a product/service like Facebook Ads….. you can sell site design, hosting, autoresponder, graphics, social marketing and the list goes on and on …..just one account and you either add to your business or your start your business….. but you need something like Facebook Ad Secrets to act as a magnet to draw them into your presence, just think, what if you had 5 possible clients. You could say, hey I only have time to work with 2 clients….. I have 5 who want to work with me…… why should I work with you? …..that really puts you in a position of dominance and authority. Its your game from there and what you do with it and how it turns out is entirely up to you, but we can provide the tools to get you to that point with Drew Laughlin’s Facebook Ad Secrets.

Did you Know that Providing Facebook Advertising Services to Local Businesses Is One of The Easiest Ways to Bring Them Highly Targeted Leads Fast… And Make YOU a Boatload of Monthly Residual Income!

If you can provide a solution to a problem ….then you’re in business. Offline businesses or local businesses are in a tight spot. Business is still hard to come by and the business owner needs help finding leads and providing their services. Facebook Ads is one good way to do that, if you provide that information to him, give him enough information on how to setup Facebook ads …chances are he will ask, “Hey, this looks great can you do this for me?” or “Do you know anyone who can set-up Facebook ads?”

Now you’re ready to start a serious conversation and you can begin to provide a genuine service, helping this business to continue on and prosper.

In My Review of Facebook Ad Secrets

Facebook Ad Secrets is designed to get you to this point. You get Facebook ad handouts, Facebook ad videos, Facebook ad pamphlets, Facebook ad info-graphic, Facebook ad email series and a Facebook ad “book” you can have printed and use with your local businesses, you could even send it to someone who might be interested. You could put the book on a thumb drive or cd and send it anywhere but bottom line is you are working with a physical product which often times implies more value in the mind of your prospect.

There’s a whole lot more on the sales-page, I suggest you take a look at what you might get click on Facebook Ad Secrets

I purchased his latest marketing package for Offline Marketing Consultants called Facebook Ad Secrets. There is a front end sale (FE) which is pretty cheap if you happen to catch it at launch, however, all the offers are worth paying full price regardless what that is because you only need to gain one or two clients to pay for your investment.

There are 2 one time offers or upsells you should consider on getting.

Drew’s marketing model consists of selling a very basic, yet effective package for a low price. Next offer will be an email series, more graphics, more articles, and maybe a couple of additional books or checklists. You’ll also get more in depth graphics and there are always other surprises.

I always purchase the next offer after the first. There is just too much good stuff there to let go by, I want to help local marketers and these are the tools that will do that. I couldn’t spend enough time or money to produce what Drew does.

facebook ad secretsFinally in this review of Facebook Ad Secrets by Drew Laughlin, I mention the 3rd offer or oto. It is a book that can be used a variety of different ways. First way to use the book is to have it printed, Drew tells you how to use any of the print on demand services. The book is also PLR so you can edit it in any way that you want or need to. You can also use the book as an ebook and give it away at some point in your “funnel” …. you get everything you need to make yourself appear as an expert in Facebook Ad’s, and as Dave Cisneros says, “Get them started on Facebook ads and you have the opportunity to sell them every service you provide….” Dave really likes Facebook Ads as a starter for local businesses, these marketing materials make the offline/local business realize what they are missing and gets them to question the potential that might help them ramp things up a bit.

Facebook Ad Secrets Review Meant to Help!

As you might know, I’m not one of those marketer’s that promotes everything that pops up on the radar for the week, in fact, I rarely promote anything! I do “Reviews” instead of “get this now!” And I almost never promote anything that I have not purchased, I really just want my readers to feel comfortable in what I buy and ask them to buy….. the only way to do that is to purchase and use what you’ve bought. I probably have 20 or Drew’s products, maybe more and all I can say is that his stuff is good, he answers emails and he won’t leave you hanging if you have problems or questions. Therefore, I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn internet marketing and buy good products to sell and use in internet marketing. So….check out Facebook Ad Secret’s and let me know what you think!

I did some quick videos of the sales pages, the FE and the 2 OTO’s…. will post them shortly!

Take a look at the Front End Offer:


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