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Review of Internet Marketers… The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

I’ve been wanting to start a category on Desktop Wealth where I would review different internet marketer’s that I have purchased from, either in the past or currently.

I’ve held off because I really don’t want to tarnish anyone’s reputation, yet I believe there are some really good internet marketers out there that provide a good service, care about their clients, are more than willing to help you and are just real good people.

You see, internet marketers started off with somewhat of a negative reputation, I’m talking before 2000 and over the years most get weeded out, some manage to stick around ….they pop their heads up like the Loch Ness Monster, ready to snag a whole new group of people who have never heard of them. So… end up getting ripped off.

You can’t do a google search for “XYZ internet marketer review” because you’ll simply get a bunch of first page reviews for their respective affiliate product. We all know an affiliate review is generally designed to get you to buy from their link…… so what do you think the review is going to say….. “don’t buy for joe blow because he’s a theif” of course not, the review might mention 1 negative and 5 positives …..end result, you should buy their product.

internet marketing theifI’ve been online since 1998 or so, I’ve made a few dollars, lost a few dollars but I’ve worked with or purchased many different internet marketing related products. I can tell you that today there are a lot of theifs in our field, they simply want to sell products, they constantly upgrade their product but you have to pay for it, you can never talk to the product creator but you get some support desk where the person reading your 2 paragraph ticket only reads the first 2 sentences. You don’t get results and don’t get the help you need.

Then there are the funnels, the timers, and the oto’s…… oh boy, if you don’t get this today you’ll miss out because the product will double ….buy it now or you lose out on making thousands of dollars. I’ll never offer this again. You know the drill….. it sucks, a bunch of used car salesman that want to do one thing, sell you their product at all costs.

Well, I’m sick of it and I will start to name names.

If I try to get support and it goes to a non-English speaking monitor, I’m going to call em out. Not because they don’t speak English but because I have a problem and they can’t communicate with me or don’t care to communicate with me to fix my problem.

Since I’ve been online I think I might have asked for 2 refunds, I don’t ask for refunds (although I probably should) because I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.

I really wanted to start this category so I could praise and bring attention to the good guys, the people who really do care about us, the online purchaser of information products, themes and services. You should know who you can buy from and not be afraid of getting ripped off. You should know about those who have gone out of their way to help me in my quest for internet marketing success.

With that said, I’ll get started by thinking about who I might do an internet marketing profile review right now 🙂

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