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Review of Local Directory Empire

images for internetmarketing for small businessesLocal Marketing Directories have always fascinated me for a couple of reasons and to make it easy for you to understand and implement I found a Business in a Box called Local Directory Empire

I was a brick and mortar business personal for a long time, I understand the problems the local business guy goes through and I’m particularly aware of today’s economy and how difficult it is for the local business owner to stay in business.

So if I can do anything to help the local businessman make money by using my online marketing skills, I get really excited about doing just that. Inside of Local Directory Empire, as a local business marketing expert you need to now the soft buttons to push and the hard buttons to push. Your efforts should always be focused on how your partnership will help the local business to get more clients, more sales, more contacts and bottom line make more money.

A local business directory can help you get exposed to those willing to talk to you. A local business directory can actually help a group of business owners get more feet in their door.

A local business directory can have a multitude of purposes. We can see some of the bigger publishers with directories that contain basic contact information …..almost a search result within a search result. In my opinion this does very little for the local business guy. When I search for a local dentist, I don’t want to go through Yelp, or some yellow pages just to pick a doctor. I want to see a result for a specific dentist on the front page….that’s who I’m calling first.

On the other had a small pizza directory which contains all the pizzerias in your small town will benefit all vendors and allow you to sell premium space if wanted to make one of two owners stand out. Either case, your website visitor sees 10 or 20 vendors and can quickly find what they are looking for….heck they might even print it out!

Local marketing directories revolve around 2 basic principles.

Making money with the directory for yourself

Making money for those who advertise with you.

All while putting in minimal effort to set up and letting it run on its own.

There’s on fellow on the warrior forum that goes by the name of JoshP….. kind of a quiet guy, but he’s been busy working on setting up directory sites, learning how to monetize in a variety of ways, creating themes and plugins that work with a system he’s set up for us local marketers to make an honest days income from some initial work. Josh created Local Directory Empire from a variety of his successful products which have all been upgraded.

I’ve purchased all his stuff and he’s developed it over the last couple of years and now you can get one heck of a deal by purchasing all his most effective themes, plugins, and strategies. A much too often used term, but this is truly a business in a box.

The secret to Josh’s success is that he actually does it. Sets directories up for himself and his clients……and makes money for both:)

Local Directory Empire will give you enough information to get you really excited if you aren’t doing it now, it will help you refine your efforts if you are doing it now. In either case you get the recipe and ingredients for setting up your own Local Offline Marketing Empire.

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