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Review of and Kaviraj Kodai

Best hosting, ecommerce and email marekting service for internet marketersMany moons ago I started messing around with internet marketing and trying to find a way to make some extra money online.

That was probably around 2000 or earlier, can’t really remember. The best thing that happened to me was running into a internet marketing script/app and hosting provider. Not too many around in those days, but I found the best!

Well, things certainly have changed and changed at lightning speed. Back then only a few IM’ers were selling products that you could resell, most of the Internet Marketing related products guided you on the various ways to make money, just like now but then they were very basic.

We’ve all gone thru it, getting a domain name, trying to figure out how to host it …then what do you do for an autoresponder, can I use my email or do I use a service. Back then, email services were very expensive. I even messed around with MLM, that is multilevel marketing. You would buy leads, have to use their email program and both the leads and the program cost a fortune …..never worked.

I decided I wanted to share what I learned with others about internet marketing so I purchased, no I needed to host it. Hosting at that time was crazy expensive! After looking around for a long time I came upone a complete service called Ultimate Marketing Center by Kaviraj Kodai, known to me as Kavi.

Kavi is what I would call a super Geek…. something most of you will never have the pleasure of knowing. Incompetence abounds in our industry but not with Kavi. There isn’t anything he can’t fix, and I swear he never sleeps 🙂

I won’t tell you he is the cheapest. In fact, if you host with the cheapest ….sooner or latter it will bite you in the butt! There are other plans and providers out there that can provide decent hosting at a decent price, but you will never, never get the personal touch of Kavi when you buy his products. My biggest worry when working with what appears to be a one man band is that sooner or latter they will bolt and leave you hanging. I’ve had that happen to me more than once. But I’m here to tell you Kavi has been around for close to 15 or 16 years and answers your email within 24 hours, more over just a couple of hours. The man is here to stay and I have complete trust in him and would encourage you to check out what he has to offer at Net Pro Soft.

Kavi specializes in products that make life easier for the internet marketer all rolled into one. With some of the recent launchs lately promoting email marketing scripts you would have thought it was something brand new. Well, Kavi has perfected his own email marketing script over the last 15 years and I would put it up against anybody else’s.

His package also contained an affiliate program, each product you set up to sell could automatically be sold by your affiliates. It was an easy system to install and use. In fact it was so easy I couldn’t understand why every marketer around wasn’t using it.

He’s had many products and services over the years, all being of the highest quality. But my best thoughts of Kavi are that he is a man of his word, he keeps his promises and he is always there to help. His support is second to none and I speak from 16+ years of experience.

Although I am running on an older plan, Kavi has a whole new set up at Kaviraj Kodai, where you get hosting, email service (something similar to aweber) and an ecommerce solution all balled up into one.

Not sure how long he is going to keep all these services together though, I think he is going to start selling them seperately…. I might have misunderstood but it would be worth it for you to grab an account because I think he will keep these together when everything splits up.

So if you need an internet marketers hosting solution Click Here

If you need an email marketing solution, autoresonders, lead capture and everything the big boys do, Click Here

And if you do some ecommerce (which we all do) click on and check it out.

I give all my praise to Kavi for putting together an internet marketer’s dream when it comes to internet marketing hosting and complete line of apps…. check him out over at

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