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Review of Prostyler Themes and Michael Formby

Let’s face it, if you aren’t using wordpress to build your websites… then you are really missing the boat! I’m an old timer and used to hand code, then used html editors like dreamweaver and Xsitepro…..then there were the free WYSIWYG editors for building websites that actually did a pretty good job. But, in the long run you needed to know how to do some html, css and php coding. WordPress has eliminated that need, but what type of theme or wordpress system should you use? I will introduce you to the best one I’ve found online called “ProStyler THeme by Michael Formby” but give me a moment to set this up.

Prostyler theme is responsive

WordPress basically allows the dumbest online marketer to build a website….really, its that simply. It might not be a thing of beauty but one could create an online presence and start selling stuff after spending a day online and checking out WordPress.

Today, word-press development has come a long way. So many themes, so many plugins. With the large amounts of themes, plugins and scripts for wordpress ….it has gotten a little difficult or overwhelming for the newbie or intermediate user to get a handle on and use effectively. That is, if you want an awesome looking and high converting website.

I admit, I’m a wordpress junkie. I have more themes than I can use, belong to more wordpress theme and plugin memberships than I can use because I just love the wordpress platform. There are tons of wordpress videos on how to use wordpress so if you want to learn at a deeper or even basic level just search “wordpress tutorials”.

I make mention of all the above so I can introduce you to one of my favorite themes and theme developers. I say this because it is true, I have no reason to BS you…. no advantage for me, so you might like to take advantage of my experience since I have been online in one way or another since before Y2K or 2000 🙂

Let me talk about a Review of ProStyler Theme. Michael Formby is the developer of ProStyler Theme …..if I had only one theme and one page builder…….it would be this one!

Prostyler theme review

It is so much more than a theme, it is a theme builder in my opinion and you can create just about any look or style you want. The drag and drop interface allows for the creation of unlimited styles. Honestly, I feel like I have barely scratched what this thing can do and a little embarassed about that. But you can literally duplicate any look you want for your website.

I suggest you read the salespage, watch a few videos and make your own decision if you think ProStyler might be for you. Remember, you truly are limited to your imagination and you can virtually duplicate any look or design you see, even though I think it comes with about 50 different templates. If for some reason you wanted your money back…. I’m sure there is the a guarantee….. although I would bet my first born son you wouldn’t need it 🙂

I’ve seen the same type of wordpress theme/builder for 3x the amount that Mikey is selling his for, and the expensive one doesn’t do all that ProStyler Theme does. You gotta go to the website to check it out because my words can only tell you how satisfied I am the the theme and its creators.

Michael Formby is always coming up with new designs and will basically give them a way….its crazy, but he treats his customers better than anyone I’ve come across. I hate being on someone’s list, buying their products and you have no way of getting in touch with them personally. So far, each email I send gets returned by Mikey!

Here’s one of the biggest benefits of being a ProStyler Theme member/owner. Do you purchase any other internet marketing related products. I’ll bet you do.

The benefit of being on Mikey’s list and owning ProStyler is that Mikey often times comes up with a handful of custom wordpress themes from the ProStyler Builder that compliment’s the internet marketing related product that you are buying. So, if you buy from his link you get a handful of new bonuses to match the internet marketing product you purchased! Can’t tell you how cool that is. There are probably 5 or more products that I have purchased thru his affiliate link and gotten a custom ProStyler Theme that I could use to sell or use the new product….. very, very cool.

For instance, a new product came out called Viddyoze so Mikey sends out an email saying if you buy from my link I’ll give you these 5 templates, some logos and some cool graphics. In this case it was a ProStyler theme set that could be used to sell your videos or provide video intro’s, outro’s and everything else the Viddyoze product produced. Do you known how valuable something like that is? He does this all the time…. at least when they can keep him out of the bar 🙂 just kidding, he might like milk as far as I know.

Prostyler Theme Review

This is a testimonial or review of ProStyler Theme because I want everyone to know what an awesome job these guys have done and how well they treat their customers. I could have made it one paragraph and moved on, but you need to know how cool and valuable it is to own ProStyler. You need to know how great the product is…. how great the support is!

I want to finish up by commenting on their superb customer service. I don’t think they outsource their customer service to India, China or the Philippines because I always get an answer straight from the man, Michael Formby. I would pay 5 times the product price if I knew I would always be able to reach him because he answers my questions, he even will respond to suggested improvements…..he will even help you with your customization depending on your needs….. totally unheard of in these days of mass launches and the infamous pitch-men they spawn.

Almost nobody does this any more (regarding support). They create a product or app, make a video and act like they are your friend…. until you buy it and try to get support. It goes to a support desk, your question is ignored or moved up but you never get an answer on a timely basis. Michael Formby and ProStyler’s support is off the charts. I would imagine a theme as good as this, with someone who cares for his customer’s like Mikey does will some day need a support desk manned by others…..but I would imagine he would retain strict control of that support.

Works for ANY business in ANY niche


  • Business WEBSITE
  • Company WEBSITE
  • and MANY MORE…

I’ve purchased other internet marketing related products from Michael Formby, always been happy, always got great support. In this review,  I would recommend the Prostyler Theme and Michael Formby to anyone. In fact, if you are into affiliate marketing, internet marketing, offline marketing, local marketing you need this theme and the teaching, help and tutorials of Michael Formby and crew. He could charge 500 bucks for this theme and for the privilege of being on his list and you would come out ahead. I’ve never said that about anyone before!

Just so you know, he did not pay me, I did not get a free copy of ProStyler and I did not get any incentive to write this testimonial and review. I only do these reviews for those that deserve it and this one is on the top of the list, do yourself a favor, if you need to build websites….. get Prostyler Theme today and start using it!

Wishing you the best

Scott Parat


  1. Michael Formby says

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the in depth review, not only do i recommend products and put killer bonus themes together but i actually use the products myself such as RepWarn. It notified me of a review and here i am commenting. Its feedback like this that really makes me want to push the boundaries with Pro Styler and take it to the next level and without the support of our customers and the community we have it wouldn’t be possible.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this review together and most importantly thanks for being an amazing customer.

    Mikey Pro Styler Formby

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