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Review of Responsive Theme Machine


ResponsiveThemeMachineHey Mark….Responsive Theme Machine is a brilliant piece of software! I picked up a copy overnight…. no problem with downloads.

I thought I would do a quick review of Responsive Theme Machine Software.

Sometimes we make things too complicated, buying offline/local themes that need a lot of TLC to get some small local guy a website…. well, forget that….use Mark’s software for a simple site that looks good and gets the message across….. most small business guys without a site would love to have something like this!

This is a true WSO, reminds me of “times of Old”, value packed, solution oriented method of creating fast offline sites for cheap!

Heck, some smart offline marketer could buy generic domain name for a local business that doesn’t have a website, stick up a fast site using Mark’s theme creator, Responsive Theme Machine Software and then contact the local guy see if he’s interested.

All kinds of options…. but a nifty solution for creating a fast, nice looking small site for local businesses using WordPress.

Thanks for a great deal.


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