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Review of Theme Junkie Lifetime License

theme junkie membership discount couponDepending on your circumstances, “change” can be good. It can also be a pain in the backside!

When it comes to website development things change fast and that’s why I decided to invest my time and money in a Theme Junkie Lifetime License. Right now if you head over to Theme Junkie you might find a coupon that discounts the lifetime membership by 50%. Tremendous value for 50 high quality, well support wordpress blog themes.

Website development is constantly changing. It doesn’t seem like it was so long ago that I was coding my webpages by hand. And a little latter I would use some basic HTML editors until I finally got a copy of Dreamweaver.

For those of us who work online building websites for internet marketing, affiliate marketing, local or offline marketing and just about any other website development ….. WordPress seems to be the system of choice.

setting up a theme junkie themeSetting up a WordPress site is so simple.

If you have cpanel hosting it’s a matter of clicking a button and your site is installed and you are ready to start making blog posts and pages. You can create salespages. Insert images and create an awesome gallery. Sky’s the limit.

For the newbie most of the development and webpage creation is done thru the inbuilt “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) editor. Simply type away, create some links, maybe add an image and click “Post”.

Perhaps one of the most impressive WordPress abilities is how easy it is to change the look of a WordPress website. It comes with a default theme which usually changes every year or so and then there are tons of free themes you can use as you desire ….depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

I couldn’t possibly come close to covering all the details and benefits of using the WordPress platform to create a website but I did want to touch on how easy it is to create a totally different site depending on the theme used.

As I said there are 1000’s of free wordpress themes. And, there are 1000’s of paid themes.

As you might think, a WordPress theme that you purchase is can be loaded with different features and that theme could make working with your site easier or complicated depending on who designed the theme. I know from experience that you want to purchase your themes from a reputable theme designer.

I’ve purchased some of the coolest themes only to have them break when there is a WordPress version change. If you can’t contact support or if there just isn’t support for your theme then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I hate to say it but this applies even more so to free themes. And Theme Junkie has a few really nice free WordPress themes for you to download.

Theme Junkie WordPress Themes a Review ofSo…..

I finally got to the point where I will use and purchase themes from some of the bigger vendors. Be very careful when buying themes from the warrior forum. In the wso section of the warrior forum you can get some awesome looking themes…. but buyer beware and carefully consider whether or not you’ll be able to get support. I’ve made some good friends from purchasing wso themes but even they will go missing at times…. sometimes never to return.

So if you have a broken theme, chances are you’ll need to pay someone to fix it or just get a new one. But if you’re working with a client it might be hard to switch themes and consequently the appearance of the website. Bottom line, when the theme breaks and the developers go missing you’re in some hot water and your life will become difficult.

So…pay attention to the big theme developers. Purchase a yearly membership. Better yet purchase a lifetime membership if you can.

Nothing stays the same on the web. Even a big time developer/provider of WordPress themes could go missing and never return. All you can do is try to make the right moves, purchase from someone who’s got good reviews and has existed for a while.

WordPress is here to stay. Its the easiest way to build websites. Have fun with it, be confident in using wordpress as a CMS platform and spend some time and money learning how to use it effectively. If you’re providing a service for clients then you owe it to them to learn some coding, how to make basic changes and maybe even fix things on your own….. after all, that’s how it was in the beginning.

I just purchased a lifetime membership to Theme Junkie, a WordPress theme provider that has been around awhile. In fact they have around 50 themes that you can use for just about any type of business or situation. Their support is quick and friendly. I’d be willing to bet that they will be in business for a while, so…. you can be confident they will be there to help you when things might go south.

Theme Junkie has too many themes to try and show right now but check out Theme Page: Newspaper it’s an easy to edit wordpress theme and something you can use to inform an audience on just about anything, whether it be a club, a business or even an information source for a small town or city….. uses are endless.

So head on over to Theme Junkie and check out what they have to offer. Grab a membership if you do more than one site a year, or just pick out a favorite and you’ll see how easy they are to develop.




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