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Review of Video Monster and Upload Monster for Video Marketing



I just picked up a copy of some really cool software that automatically creates some very nice looking videos and another program that will automatically upload these videos to a YouTube account so I thought I would do a quick Review of Video Monster and Upload Monster by Andy Brocklehurst. YouTube Video Marketing isn’t something new but it is something that is very effective and if you have the right tools it can be even more effective.

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Unless your brand new to internet marketing or have been living under a rock you know that Video marketing is one of the latest and greatest methods of marketing a product or service. You could use video marketing for local or offline businesses or for an online business.

videomonster-2You can use video marketing for selling digital products such as ebooks, websites, software or anything that can be downloaded and….you can use video marketing for to increase traffic to your local business prospects website or even sell physical products.

Online Video marketing can easily and simply be adapted for affiliate marketing….. the possibilities are limitless. When writing this Video Monster and Upload Monster review my head started spinning with the possibilities, I was really amazed at the simplicity of both programs and happy with the most affordable price. Even after the WSO price, these programs will be worth the final full cost because of the end result you are almost guaranteed to get!

As you probably already know, Google owns YouTube and they give preferential treatment for YouTube videos. Right now you can easily rank YouTube videos, however, there are many other video syndication sites to choose from.

One big problem with video marketing is making videos. Many solutions have come across the net, expensive solutions for video marketing and low cost solutions for video marketing.

Video Monster is a PC application by trusted Warrior Andy Brocklehurst that will take a batch of images, articles and audio files and turn them into very nice videos. There are some other features that you might want to check out, but basically you can create a pile of videos to upload to YouTube, each with its own description, music and images.

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You aren’t limited to the number of videos you can create, it will use the number of articles you have in a folder to create mp4 videos which then are uploaded to YouTube. So if you have a folder with 5 articles you can create 5 videos, if you have 100 articles you can create 100 videos.

You have the ability to add a link into the video, use an affiliate link, redirect link or blog post link…. you can sent the link juice or traffic wherever you want.

By now you’re probably thinking “its not a big deal to upload 5 videos to YouTube but 100, that will take forever. Well….Andy has come up with a solution called Upload Monster. A simple application that will take your newly created videos and automatically upload them to a YouTube account.

The combination of Video Monster and Upload Monster is very powerful. And, very affordable. There are many solutions that might do a little more but cost a 100 times the cost of these programs.

Whether you use Video and Upload Monster for your own marketing purposes or provide a SEO Video Marketing service for other online/offline businesses, you should be planning on using video marketing very soon if you aren’t already and regardless the stage of video marketing you are at, these two programs will save you a bunch of time and create hordes of traffic.

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