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Review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme



One of my interests and focus is on helping local businesses to get online with good looking websites.This review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme will help you decide if its for you in your offline and local marketing

I want to provide the best functioning websites that are appropriate for the type of small business. Lately, I’ve been using exclusively WordPress.

So, I’m constantly looking out for deals or sources of WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins that focus on will be a benefit for that specific business.

I also want to make sure we can set them up with a mobile version of their website right from the start. Or a main website that is determined to be Responsive, that is, the website shrinks in an intelligent way and can be read from any of the mobile, tablet or other small devices.

If you want to work with local/offline businesses doing seo, social marketing, keyword research or any of the many website related services you’re going to have to deal with webdesign at some point so either have someone you can outsource to or learn it yourself. Either way you should start collecting WordPress Themes for Local Businesses.
review of WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme
The guys from Premopress produce great looking wordpress themes with a variety of niche specific functions. I usually purchase each theme they come up with even if I have no immediate plan to use them.

Just lately I picked up a Local Businesss WordPress Theme called WP Hotel Pro WordPress Theme. The main front end product is a WordPress theme for “Hotels”. This is the perfect theme for offline marketers looking to create a website for a hotel, guesthouse, hostels and hospitality businesses.

This includes all features including full online booking capability, event management and more….

All of their themes are super simple to customize and setup, and are literally point and click, with live preview as users build the theme.

Along with the theme they also provide over 30+ tutorial videos for customizing the theme too. So they have everything covered.

The OTO/Expansion Pack…
The OTO/Expansion Pack has been aligned perfectly with the front end and includes 5 different theme styles to make it really easy to change the colors of the theme with 1 click. You should seriously think of purchasing this too, it will increase your sales. Along with the theme styles, we are also providing an infographic aimed at Hotels that offline/local marketers and web developers can use to help sell the theme.

When thinking about a theme like this you will want to try an figure out who might need a beautiful professional looking website with these features. Think weddings, tour guides, bed and breakfast, or where does the local boy scout troup stay….maybe a private campground that this website could be reconfigured to represent. A little imagination and WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme has huge potential!

How about Pet Hotels! You’re getting the theme at a steal….you could sell a theme like this for big bucks or if you are a person of compassion and want to help a local guy out…..make it cheap 🙂

Click Here to See a Demo

I hope this WP Hotel PRO WordPress Theme review will at least get you interested in taking a look at the theme and maybe even adding it to your local marketing toolbox.

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