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Review of Wp Lead X by Jo Pixelcrafter

I purchase a lot of wordpress themes, just got a new one and felt I must immediately do a review of  Wp Lead X by Jo Pixelcrafter. So I can use them and have a variety of themes and so I have the latest and greatest. You don’t need to purchase every new theme that comes down the pike, and you can find plenty of free wordpress themes to get you buy.

But if you want all the good features you really need to invest in some themes.

I’ve been buying themes from Jo Pixelcrafter, as he or she calls themseleves for quite a while. There have been problems but the issues have been taken care of sooner or latter.

Review of Wp Lead X by Jo Pixelcrafter

Recently, Jo has been off the grid for the last 9 months. That’s one reason why you don’t want to purchase from a one-off designer. If they go missing you get stuck with a theme that doesn’t work. Can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me.

Well, Jo came out with a new theme called WP Lead X, and I thought I would purchase it and do a review of wp lead x.

First of all it has one of those salespages that is dynamic, very distracting for me…. I did not like it. But the theme looked good. Another problem is that I did not see any demo for the theme, that should have raised some red flags.

I purchased and got my first OTO, I ignored it and went to my inbox. Much to my amazement I found out that the first purchase was only a “lite” version of the theme. I was irritated because that was not mentioned anywhere on the salespage.

Review of wp lead x

The developers version is a “lite” version, you can purchase the full version for another $111.00

The developers version is a “lite” version, you can purchase the full version for another $111.00

I checked out my inbox and discovered and email with my login credentials. I also saw the OTO’s listed, three of them

-upgrade to pro version (really needed, theme worthless without) of course you could pay the 27 bucks for the pro version…. I really hate finding out after making a purchase for a theme that I thought was complete…. nowhere mentioned in the salesletter that I was buying a “lite” version….. pathetic
-upgrade to custom mobile version (very nice to have and impress customers but for $37 dollars that is ridiculous, a plain ole rip off
-upgrade #3 is for an unbranded version, only $47 dollars…. another rip off in my humble opinion

The developers version is a “lite” version, you can purchase the full version for another $111.00

Jo, you must think we are idiots or you are in a financial bind ….this really is not like you.

There are plenty of other themes around, don’t waste your time on this one.

I won’t include my affiliate link in this “Wp Lead X Review” since I would feel guilty you paid so much for an inferior product. You can check out the salespage at

If you don’t believe me check out the oto’s

Go Here to Upgrade to the PRO Version

Go Here to Upgrade the Mobile Features :

Go Here to Get More Control to Insert Your Own Brand :

I really feel bad writing a negative review like this, however, I want you ….my reader to save some money by keeping your credit card in your pocket and I hope Jo Pixelcrafter will reconsider his pricing and options. At least he can tell us on the main salespage that we are buying a “lite” version of this theme. Don’t you agree?

I did not ask for a refund because I want to see what is included in this “lite” version. I will comment further once I get a chance to see what it can do!


  1. Birdie Young says

    It does have a DEMO version. I wonder how the LITE version works… Please update us. thanks.

  2. Birdie Young says
    • He must have put the demo link in after I purchased because it wasn’t there, I kept the original salespage open, checked it and I always make a pdf of the original salespage. I just don’t want to say something bad about someone and be wrong about it. I’ll try to put the screenshot in this response, if not I’ll add it in the original post.
      review of wp lead x

  3. Birdie Young says

    Hi Scott,

    – WP Lead X does have a DEMO on its salespage…

    – The question is whether the LITE version is worth the time. I eagerly waiting for you to reveal it to us. Can you give us the link to the FULL version as well so that we may compare the features?

    • I did not see the demo on the salespage before I purchased, he could have put it on after I made the purchase or I might have missed it, but I did look pretty hard because I wanted to see what it looked like, other than a screenshot.

      This is the salespage for the LITE Version, the Pro Version was the first oto, I think it was $27
      Go Here to Upgrade to the PRO Version

      The mobile version is the next OTO and it was $37

      The rebranded version was the next OTO for $47

      I have not tried it yet, but hope to tonight. Like I said, his stuff is usually good, his support is usually good and his pricing has always been fair. I just think he joined the “group think” of internet marketers, creating funnels and outrageous prices. I would not have purchased if I saw that it was a LITE version ….I probably would have contacted him to try and find out the true price of the product.

      I’ll try to post tonight my thoughts on the LITE version

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