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Review of WP-SEOcard

I wanted to share some of my thoughts in a review of WP-SEOcard a new WordPress plugin. In this quick review of WP-SEOcard you’ll find it extremely useful for feeding search engines information they need to quickly determine what you’re site is about and more importantly wheter or not it is a local business site and if it is they use the information to place the site appropriately.

One fact remains true about internet marketing, that is, it is not static, never stagnant and always changing. It’s tempting to purchase new products every week, whether they are ebooks, software or some sort of educational material…. at least it is for me because I want to get the most of my sites and website traffic. Internet marketer’s will test, test, and test looking for ways to jump ahead of the competition. When they find this information they will use it to make money for themselves and their clients. Often times they will package the new information in an ebook, software, theme or wordpress plugin and when this info is used …..we too, can capitalize on their efforts and start making money online.

All I ask is that you take a minute or two to check out the product or services I might share with you. In each case I almost always buy the product, try it out and then let you know what I think. At times, the price might be rising quickly on an interesting product and I will suggest you take a quick look and grab a copy … almost all cases you can return the product if it doesn’t suit your needs. I’ll do the ole, Click Here and grab this while it is still available (I hate the threat type sales pitch but at times a product will only be available for so long. WP-SEOcard is a wordpress plugin that was listed for only a day or so at a super cheap price, the price will go up and all I want is for you to get the best deal possible…… how much commission can I make on 8 dollars….common, give me a break 🙂

One area I gravitate toward is offline marketing known as marketing to local brick and mortar businesses. These offline businesses need help in today’s economy. Most local businesses don’t know a thing about mobile websites, WordPress, geo-targeting, optins, list building and on and on. In fact, it doesn’t matter much to them, they just want to see results. “Results” means people in the door, “sales”, “money in the bank” whatever it takes for them to be successful.

There are many tools for offline businesses. A lot of internet marketer’s will build websites with WordPress for their clients. This gives them many options to provide for the local business. You can whip up a simple website with a free theme that’s composed of a couple of pages that gives the local business owner an internet presence to a full fledged eCommerce site.

WordPress uses plugins that allow the website designer/builder to modify their sites in many different ways. Today, I picked up a copy of a plugin called WP-SEOcard which provides the webmaster the ability to give Google and the search engines information that is very important to local search results. By the way, this is all done automatically once you enter in some basic information.

In a quick review of WP-SEOcard I found that it is one of those tools you can use as an offline marketer to get your clients WordPress Blogs right up in the top results of the SERPs. Without getting into all kinds of detail, WP-SeoCard automatically adds certain meta data into your pages or posts. This information is literally eaten up by the search engine spiders which in turn will determine that your site is indeed a local business, where its at, what it does etc…… the best part is that it will either help you get established in Google Places or stay in Google places.

There’s more, because the information we are talking about is information that your website visitors can use, so not only is it buried in the code, you can make the information show up in various places of your blog through shortcodes, widgets and other means. So, you’ll see that WP-SEOcard displays neat and information hCard data anywhere on your site pages and via a popout lightbox when hovering over page links or text links and also shows site credits details as well!

I’ll do a more Complete Review of WP-SEOcard as I put it to use on some local sites and see exactly what happens. I can’t help but expect good results.

So, Click Here to grab a copy of WP-SEO Card at a discounted price and make your offline customers happy!



  1. That’s an excellent review of my new product you’ve done and I just wanted to commend you and say thank you very much.
    Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you or your readers with.

    best regards,
    Russell Hall
    WP-SEOcard Creator

    • Thanks for your comment Russell

      Will be implementing on a few more sites and commenting on the results. This really is something offline marketers need to check out!

      Take care,


  2. Super inmfroative writing; keep it up.

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