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Review of WPLeadPrompt Another Local/Offline Marketing Theme

Wordpress Local Marketing theme wpleadprompt

Why should you buy another offline/local wp theme?

If you’re into offline marketing you probably have more than one local theme. Every time a new one comes out you think to yourself ….”wow, this looks awesome, I better get this for my offline business”.

Then that inner voice kicks in and says ….hey, you already have 3 or more offline themes, you don’t need anymore.

On the other hand, you want to impress your clients with the latest and greatest themes and landing pages. You really want to help your local business clients get more business so you can make more money.

Here’s the problem I always had.

Let’s say I have one theme or template that I really like.

Let’s say I’m in a fairly large city and I want to sell my services to plumbers.

What happens when I get 5 plumbers who want my services and I give them all the same theme? Sure, I’ve heard different local marketing guys saying they do this all the time, change the graphics and maybe the css a little. But they say those guys won’t look at the other guys site….WRONG!

You’re gonna look like a real moron if you sell the same template or wordpress theme to all 5 plumbers. You’ll end up with upset clients, they probably won’t buy anything from you again and might even want their money back.

There’s an easy solution.

You can give the customer a choice…. tell them plumber A has the same theme, do you want it also?


You could purchase 5 or 10 different themes and templates.

The warrior forum has a section called Warrior Special Offers, you can pick up some really awesome looking themes and templates specifically designed for the offline marketer. Often times they are offered really cheap to start…..but they are always affordable. Read through the thread and find out what people have to say about the theme every once in a while you’ll find one that doesn’t work or the support is terrible. Needless to say, stay away from one with bad reviews.

There’s also another way to look at this.

Let’s say you only buy 1 template or theme. You like it and plan to use it on all your offline marketing sites. You’ll sell the theme to plumbers, attorney’s, contractors, auto repair and every other niche. All you’ll do is change up the graphics, if the theme allows you can change the menu and move things around a little but it will basically be the same theme. I know I wouldn’t be very happy if I were an Electrician and saw the same site for a Plumber in my city with the exception of maybe an image of a plumber instead of electrican.

I’m trying to apply some logic to purchasing 5 or more different themes.

It really makes it easy to create some diversity in you local marketing efforts and your clients will not have any conflicts regarding duplicate sites. All you have to do is set up some demos and either give the client a choice for a theme or tell them they will get a site that looks like this …

So don’t be afraid to collect some offline theme and template wso’s, you’ll look more professional by offering your clients a variety of looks and should avoid conflicts when contracting for sites within the same local business niche.

Here’s one awesome WordPress Lead Gen Theme called WpLeadPrompt, I would get the version with developer rights so you can use it with your business, however, there’s a less expensive single site and multisite version available.

WPLeadPrompt is an awesome local marketing theme with some really inovative features and should serve you a long time. Definitely a theme you should add to your toolbox.

Click Here to check out wpleadprompt theme.

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