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Sick of the Internet Marketing and Making Money Online Scammers

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Man, I’ve been doing internet marketing for over 10 years, chasing the elusive process of trying to make money online. I got an email from the guy below, can’t say I open all his emails or follow his suggestions. But, he has been a good source and he doesn’t speak with a forked tongue 🙂

His subject line said something like I’m quitting or I’m done….

That was enough to get me to open the email

I have to agree with almost all his comments. So many guys/gals out there that are peddling information that they heard second or third hand. They have no experience. They are not trustworthy but so many people are looking to make money online that they eagerly follow and naievely believer the lies and scams. Discernment is one of the first attributes to have if you want to develop a career in internet marketing….

Check out these videos about how to make money online…. might find something that gives you one of those “a ha” moments!

Anyway, take a quick read of his letter and you’ll know what I mean.


Here’s the deal I’m sick and tired of the BS in this industry.

* Fakers, Jokers and Liars (to start with)

Ever get that feeling that “they” just aren’t doing as well
as “they” would have you believe?

Well that feeling is 100% right, I can tell you right now
there are MANY broke “successful” marketers who have to
have this next email campaign, launch, promotion, webinar…
go well or they can’t pay their mortgage or rent.

It makes me sick that these are the same people trying to
teach you how to “make it” online. Then they go and “teach”
you some new (actually outdated) method about traffic, SEO,
adsense, selling, etc… Just a bunch of fakers, liars and
jokers, that is what “they” are.

* Jaded, So very Jaded

Ever gone into a social setting online where something is
being sold and see this, “Is there an OTO? What is it?
How much is it? and Is it necessary for the product to work?”

Yep, you’ve probably seen that a few times. I know I have
and I’m sick of it. Honestly, if you’re that skeptical, STOP
buying crap and just get to taking action on what you already
know. You don’t need the next “big” thing to be successful,
you need TRIED AND TRUE online business and marketing

* I’m Guilty and I’m Sorry

You see, unknowingly I’ve promoted some of these idiots and
worse yet vouched for some of them. I was wrong. I am
sorry from the bottom of my heart that I pointed you in the
wrong direction. You’ve got my word RIGHT now that it will
NEVER happen again.

You deserve better from me, I haven’t served you 100% like I
should have for a while now and I’m sorry. That all changes

** Get What You Deserve NOW (Well almost) **

Here’s the thing, I’m going to do right by you and give you
the real scoop on how to make this whole “online business/marketing”
thing work.

So watch out for my next email where I’m going to TELL YOU
EXACTLY what “they” don’t want YOU to know. Nothing left out.

Be Awesome,
James Campbell

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