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What Is A Google+ Page?

A Google+ page is a new online home for your business on Google. It provides your business with a public identity on Google+, and it’s where you connect with customers, develop your brand, and engage your following. On a few things Google Plus is very similar to Facebook. A personal Google Plus “account” is something […]

Are Major Marketers Moving Into Google Plus

I got an email today from George Katsouda’s….it’s so refreshing because he’s the only guy not sending emails twice a day telling me to buy this or that. Anyway, he said to head over to a post entitled Why Major Marketers Are Moving to Google+. Google plus for business is Google’s answer to Facebook and […]

Google+ For Business Review

With an interest in full disclosure, I got a copy of Google+ For Business and was asked to do a Review of Google+ For Business. I take reviews seriously and I don’t or won’t tell you something is good if its weak or a piece  of crap. So….. I did a lengthy review below. In […]

Google+ Circles and 5 Creative Ways to Setup Your Google+ Circles

5 Creative Ways to Setup Your Google+ Circles Circles are one of Google Plus’s most important features and what make it a top tier social network right out of the box. However, if you don’t put those circles to good use, you might as well continue using Facebook. So, here are five simple yet creative […]