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Tips For Effective Mobile Marketing

There are 2 questions to consider when contemplating Mobile Marketing which relates to text messaging which is the key element in mobile marketing.

Think about:

1. The number of people who have a land-line.

2. ….and How many text messages are sent everyday compared to actual phone calls that are made.

If you use text messaging then this won’t come as a surprise to you but text messaging has become a consuming part of life for just about everyone who uses it. You might say that it has helped to make people have lifestyles that are more controlled and effective. You can be the judge of that because text messaging can quickly become an addiction for some people.

People who use text messaging are constantly monitoring their text messages. This is a good thing for the mobile marketer, because users are constantly and quickly keeping in touch with all they care about.

The fact that people are constantly checking their text messages opens the door to mobile marketer’s. A quick peek to see who its from and what its about can bring customers or clients running to your business!

First you want to request permission to send the prospective client/customer a text message. It’s easy to get mobile customers on your list because you’ll offer some type of freebie or discount and the promise of doing more in the future. Think of the pizza consumer, offer a free or discounted pizza if they sign up to your list. It will work for just about any company selling a product or service!

In this respect, mobile text message marketing isn’t much different than email marketing. The customer signs up to your list and can unsubscribe any time they want.

Mobile text message marketing is very affordable and effective way for businesses to promote their products and services and in today’s economy that’s a big deal. Keeping advertising costs down means you can keep your product or service price down and its a big win for the customer, and you since you’ll be steps ahead of your competition.

Internet marketing continues to develop at a rapid pace. Mobile text message marketing is just one more service you might offer your clients or use yourself to increase the bottom line. If it might seem confusing at first find a text message marketing specialist in your area and talk about the possibilities!

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