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Tube Conquest Product of the Day

I just got an email today from JVZoo, I posted it below.

Seems as though Tube Conquest by Mark Dulisse is selling like hotcakes. Now, if you know me….. you know how appalled I get about promoting every new product out there. I really hate selling anyway you put it, you might even say I’m probably in the wrong business….. but, I really enjoy internet marketing. Using the right tools, you can help the local business guy. You can earn an income for yourself, you can work from home….. there’s just too many advantages to ignore.

Well….. Tube Conquest or Tube Maker Pro is one of those products that works an you’ll get some good use from.

Mark Dulisse is a good guy. He’s a no nonsense guy and might seem a little harsh to some, but sometimes people are just morons and idiots. It’s pretty funny to read some of his threads because he can only handle so much and then he informs his critics on what to do 🙂

I like Mark’s stuff, it works, its always good and he always stands behind his stuff.

Grab a copy of Tube Conquest and put it in your internet marketing toolbox…. sooner or latter you’ll use it!

Here’s the email I got from JVZoo.


JVZoo Product Of The Day
Push Button Video Creator

You’ve heard it a ton that content curation is the new
way to get easy rankings in Google. There’s software
that will run you upwards of two grand to do it for you
who wants to pay that? The question is what’s going to
get your better results better content?

How about videos created for you from curating content without
the crazy high price tag! The best part, you can push button create
them and make tons of videos, check this out:

Tube Conquest

Youtube is Google’s darling sister, and if you want hordes of traffic
from Google’s search engine, then you want to conquer Youtube.

Youtube gets 800 million unique visits each month, Tthe problem for
many is creating videos and finding the time to put together presentations
and videos.

Time consuming? Yep..but…not any more. See how this software does
it for you:

Tube Maker Pro

This new technology software will create niche videos from curated content
around the web. Just click a couple buttons, and you are ready to upload to
Youtube for traffic. This WILL be the next big talked about thing. See for

Push Button Video Creator

Push Button video creation, that includes audio, gotta love it and Google
does too!

Have a great day,

Your JVZoo Team

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