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Unsubscribing From Email Lists

should you unsubscribe from some of your email lists

I saw a post on the warrior forum at : Warrior Forum and Kay King was talking about unsubscribing as quoted below Crash and Burn Your List.

Was your New Year’s resolution “I’m going to email my lists next year?” I’ve been noticing a huge increase in emails from list owners in the past month. This isn’t spam as I’m on the lists for a reason – I either bought a WSO or downloaded a freebie here. I’ve had no email contact from these sellers for months. Two of them sent me a thank you page and one or two followup emails but nothing else. In the past 30 days I’ve had over 150 emails from three list owners. I get 2-4 emails from each of them a day – two of them send the same email promo twice a day. Is some IM guru advising this?

Every email is a sales spiel for a product or “my friend’s launch” or a WSO affiliate link. No info, no lead-in, just a few lines and a “go here and buy this” link.

If you plant seeds in the garden in April and ignore garden maintenance all summer – you can’t go out and harvest food in August. All you will find is weeds. If you don’t maintain and cultivate your mailing list – there’s no profit in it.

This isn’t a complaint – I’ve already unsubscribed. It struck me what a waste of time it is to email blast an old, cold list.


I did some babbling in my reply…..only because it gets really old to get blasted by every list I’m on for the same product or service….. knowing full well these guys have not tried the product or used it.

Anyway, here’s what I had to say:

Hi Kay ….same happened to me.

I dropped a ton of emails and I don’t spend nearly as much time in my inbox.

Truth is, if you purchase a product the owner thinks they are now in affiliate marketing and they start sending out emails for every new wso and clickbank product that pops up!

In the past I’ve stayed subscribed because I didn’t want to miss any updates or notices for a product I might have purchased and I really didn’t mind an email or two a week for some of the newest, latest and greatest products.

After about 10 years or so of this stuff I’ve found the updates or upgrades usually never happen and if they do you have to pay for them…..

One of the most aggravating situations is getting an email telling you how great product XYZ is and how I need to get it now before the price goes up. Based on that persons endorsement I check it out, read the sales copy, read the first couple of endorsements and then purchase the product.

Only to find out the product is crap. It happened to me twice this week. I was really pissed because I didn’t think I would get an endorsement for a crap product….. but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as that person makes their 5 buck commission.

For the first time I asked for a refund. I asked for refunds for 2 products and to the best of my knowledge I have never asked for a refund.

Oh well…. guess its time to be a little more vigilant and unsubscribe as soon as I make a purchase.

Back in the days of Jimmy D Brown we were taught to build a list, deliver something of value and develop a trusting relationship with your list. You need to get to the point where you ask permission to promote various other products in a skillful way.

The other approach is the Frank Kern method. In his words, “Build a huge list and mail the shit out of it”. He obviously doesn’t care if they unsubscribe….Frank just keeps building the list.

They both make a lot of money…..surely much more than me.

I guess you just have to decide what type of person or marketer you want to be.

Take care,


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