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Video Gateway Pro Review A Product by Matthew McDonald ….Review of Video Gateway Pro

Video Gateway Pro Review
A WP Plugin by Matthew McDonald

Matthew McDonald is always coming up with some great apps involving video and audio. I try to get everything he puts out! In the past he handled his support issues and the response was pretty quick. He had gone out of his way several times to help me with various issues and I will forever remember that. However, since his business has grown I assume he has outsourced his support and response time is a little slow ….could be because I sent something in right before the weekend …..but I really enjoy dealing with product owners and its a disappointment not to be able talk directly to Matt….. I guess that’s progress.

Video Gateway Pro & Matt McDonald Support

Video Gateway Pro with Redirect

With VideoGateway Pro you can Redirect anyone’s youtube or vimeo videos on your site to any webpage you want!

I first purchased and installed the Video Gateway Pro plugin. It showed up on the wordpress menu bar, I was able to create a Video Gateway Pro page and after testing the video redirected as it was supposed to, however, I could not find the page I just created on the menu under Video Gateways. So after screwing around for a couple hours I just couldn’t make it work, I wanted to find out if it worked with my theme before I started uninstalling plugins and whatever else I needed to do so I could see what the problem was. I send a support ticket in and no answer for 2 or 3 days. …..But, I fixed it before then 🙂 Turns out my wordpress version was a few updates behind, I updated wordpress and “Voila” everything works. So if you pickup a copy of Video Gateway Pro, I suggest you make sure you are running a current version of wordpress.

I wanted to do a quick review of Video Gateway Pro and talk about my experience in the purchase. Afterall its nice if the app works correctly but I really like to decide who will get my money by the way I’m treated….before the purchase, during the purchase and after the purchase….. and whether or not the app does what they claim it to do. I can say one thing for Matt, he still stupports products I purchased years ago. And…to the best of my memory he promised free upgrades in the beginning and he has kept his word on that ….so he gets 5 starts in the upgrade performance 🙂

Video Gateway Pro Funnel

My only complaint is like so many other marketer’s Matt now incorporates funnels, oto’s, timer’s and oto’s in each of his offers. I hate those things because if I don’t purchase the whole funnel I feel like I’m only getting part of the offer or application. Furthermore, the initial offer is often very cheap ….less than 10 bucks and nowhere on the salespage is there a license telling me what I can do with it, you know, how many sites, is it a personal license, is it a developers license ….most honest marketers are letting you know there are OTO’s after the purchase and they almost always tell you what license you are getting. Kinda like Nancy Pelosi telling us we need to pass the bill to see what’s in it…. well, you need to buy the offer only to find out its a personal use license and its good for only one website! I know many if not most successful marketers are doing this, however, I really think the whole process needs to be cleaned up a little.

Nevertheless, this is a good product so I put up with the things that irk me, hoping that someone will break the ruthless chain of oto’s, timers, upsells, downsells ….you know what I mean!

Call it whatever you want but where does marketing drop off and trickery, lying and deception take over. Most marketers will post the license rights at the bottom of the salespage and I’m cool with that ….I was really surprised that Matt pulled off this FE (front end) deception by not telling me what I could do and what I can’t do with my initial purchase. I only found out it was a single license after I made the purchase….. sure, $10 isn’t going to break me but its the principal of the issue that bothers me.

I get it…. its marketing by one name and ……xxxxxx by another!

Let’s See What Video Gateway Pro Does!

That being said, this latest product he’s put together is pretty cool. No….truth is I really like it.

The main feature is you can put a youtube video on your site, anybody’s youtube or vimeo video on your site and have it redirect to any page you desire at the end. Now, I’ve been doing this with Camtasia for more years than I can count….. but, you can’t use camtasia with someone elses video and redirect it. Besides the redirection that are some other really cool features.

Video Gateway Pro allows you to take your own video or a youtube or vimeo video and add a redirect to the end. I know, its not the first time anyone has done that… Camtasia does it quite well. Video Gateway Pro is a wordpress plugin that allows you to quickly create an entire new page and therefore a “link” that has just the video and the automatic redirect at the end of the video. So if someone clicks on your Video Gateway link/url a whole new page loads into your browser.

Video Gateway Pro Has 2 Upsells

There are other formatting features in the 2 upsells that allow you to do some pretty cool stuff, you need to purchase the FE though

Video Gateway Pro has 3 License options.

With VideoGateway Pro you can Redirect anyone’s youtube or vimeo videos on your site to any webpage you want!

because I don’t have the links for the OTO’s, I’ll look and see if I can dig those up but the first OTO was around 50 bucks and the second was just under 100 dollars. The first OTO is for a internet marketer’s version where you can use it on your sites only, for an unlimited number of sites, if you want a developers license so you can use it on clients site it will cost you another 100 bucks. The whitelabel version has some cool stuff, $100 is pretty stiff though IMHO.

How to Use Video Gateway Pro

The purpose of the plugin is to create a link that you can send in your emails, put on facebook or include in your blog. Let’s say you send an email to your list promoting “joes smokers”, Joe is having a big sale on smokers and you want your list to buy thru your affiliate link. You want to differentiate yourself from the other affiliate marketers, by this I mean you don’t want to send and email with just an affiliate link going directly to Joe’s Smoker Website. Consider doing a quick 30 second or so video telling your list that you highly recommend Joes Smokers and you have one yourself, toward the end maybe include a picture of your own Smoker or a picture of one of Joe’s coolest smokers about 5 seconds before the end of the video and as the viewer is engage the video stops and quickly redirects to Joe’s Smokers!

Another way to use is that you can swipe anyones youtube or vimeo video and place the video code in the correct spot of Video Gateway setup. Next you copy your affiliate link and paste it in the appropiate place for the redirect, tell the app whether you want autoplay, change background color and theme color and decide whether you want the controls to show. Oh, one more thing you can configure is whether to allow the pause button to show or not. Then Click Publish and your Video Gateway page is created. You can send the link anywhere and the video will start playing and then redirect to your affiliate page or whatever page you want it to go to at the end of the video.

Easy Peasy !!!!

Upsells For Video Gateway Pro

I know I talked about them before, but let me be a little clearer.

Now the first upgrade is what they call “internet marketer’s” version. It basically allows you to use Video Gateway Pro on an unlimited number of sites that you own. Other than that, I don’t remember there being a lot of extra features.

The second version (White Label) is like an Agency License where you can allow clients to use the plugin, you can rename the plugin and you can hide certain features from your client. If you purchase the initial offer you can see what the OTO1 and OTO2 are all about…. sorry, I did not pay that much attention and don’t have the links for these upgrades. But I will at least get the first upgrade because the initial license is only good for one site. And….if you only have one site you’d like to use it on, go for it….. at $10 its a great deal. In fact $25 or $50 for one site wouldn’t be bad because you can make money with this plugin. Your mind will start spinning with the possiblities.

Remember even if you get the one site license, you can create Video Gateways on your one site and use them anyplace you want. You can use the Vid Gateways in email, or a 100 other of your own sites if you want. I didn’t see any license restrictions for using that way.

I just think its so cool to swipe or I should say use or syndicate someone elses videos and stick your redirect on the end, face it……. you don’t know everything and some people are just better at making videos than you are …, until you become the expert search around for videos that promote the affiliate product you are interested in and make something happen!!!

Video Gateway Pro Reviewed
& Wishlist of Features

I was thinking about some of the features that would make this app really cool:

It would be nice if we could add some text to the video gateway page, either before or after the video.

It would be nice if we could overlay some html over the video as its playing. Then I could add an optin form, buy button or just some text message.

Now, this would be super cool….. allow me to set the time at which the video will start and set the time the video will end. This would allow me to use the best parts of other peoples videos, the key I think is to keep the video really short, let it make one or two important points and then redirect to a salespage, affiliate link or maybe a optin page….. really, you can redirect to any type of website you want, you could even redirect to another video if that would be of any value to you. By setting a start and stop time we could get rid of advertising or just shorten some long video into something that is useful…. something we aren’t supposed to do with youtube videos, that is, you can’t download a video that isn’t yours …..edit the video and upload it…..big NO, NO!

As long as I’m dreaming, it would be nice to see stats in the “Video Gateway” section for each url.

Also it would be nice if the url for each “video gateway” page was plainly visible or if you just had a “copy” button to click so the url goes to clipboard, I had to fumble around to find the url, I didn’t want to go all the way back to the edit page …..finally found the url under “view”, right click and “copy link location”

It would be really cool if a little “Video Gateway Pro” icon on the wordpress editor allowed me to embed any of my Video Gateway videos in the blog post or page, if this were possible it would be nice to have the ability to embed just the video and not the entire background and theme stuff.

And it would be super cool if we could put a link in our post or page that when clicked on opened up the video over the post/page and still did all its magic with the redirect.

I highly recommend this Video Gateway Pro and at least get the “Internet Marketer’s” version.

Review of Video Gateway Pro
Deployed in a Real Project

I’ve been promoting a wordpress theme called GeneratePress, I created a couple of Video Gateways where I used other peoples videos and then redirected to my affiliate link. The last one I did I searched google for “GeneratePress reviews” and found a good one, I used it as part of a blog post promoting the free version of GeneratePress and took a screen shot of the video or you can download or look for a thumbnail….the cooler the picture/image the better chance someone will click on it. I then paste the video screenshot on the blog post and linked it to my Video Gateway Page …..worked out pretty cool, easy to do, fast and different than what most folks will see. Because when they click on the image they think that is the video, but in reality its a link to my Video Gateway Pro Page that I created with the redirected video.

On this particular page/blog post where I reviewed GeneratePress I copied the text from the youtube “description”, I guess that’s called “curated” or curation these days and I added a simple intro paragraph and a couple of closing sentences at the end of the post, linked back to the owners site (to properly give her credit) and I should be good to go. Imagine if you did 1 of these a week, how about getting a little motivated and commit to 2 a week…. you’d have over 100 posts on your blog all redirecting to any type of affiliate product, salespage or optin page you want. Google loves videos, they love to see youtube videos on your website or blog ….so traffic will be coming without a whole lot of hard work…..and if you’re dedicated at all and do a few backlinks you’ll have evergreen traffic to your site.

So do yourself a favor and grab Video Gateway Pro, get the internet marketer’s version and make something happen!

Now check out this video I made showing how I created a Video Gateway and I have it redirecting to Matthew’s salespage for Video Gateway Pro at the end! No affiliate link though, don’t think he has one yet for this product 🙁 However, I felt it more important to share a good product than to promote something just to make some extra cash!

Click the Image to watch the video!

With VideoGateway Pro you can Redirect anyone's youtube or vimeo videos on your site to any webpage you want!

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