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Wiki Word Plugin Review

Click here to get WIKI Authority Power for your sitesWalt Baylis has come up with another interesting and effective wordpress plugin called Wiki Word Plugin, I had a quick look at what it can do and thought I would do a wiki word plugin review.

One of the problems with buying wso’s is it becomes habit forming, you want or think you need every new shiny object.

Of course on a prelaunch when the creator asks for reviews and tells you that you might win a free copy ….well, you’re not going to say “this product sucks …don’t buy it” because you want to win the freebie, right? So it would only be natural to do a wiki word plugin review and say all kinds of great things about it….. truth is we really don’t know until the product is out….but Walt’s support and guarantee make it a no brainer, you should just give it a try.

Here’s the deal, I’ve gotten more than my fair share of wso’s lately. I’ve had an incredible run of bad luck. The wso sucked, couldn’t get it delivered, can’t get help, the creator is on vacation, or how’s this….I get too many emails to answer all of them. What kind of moron would say something like that?

Well, with Walt you don’t have to worry about any of that bad stuff. He’s always answered emails or support issues. He even answers just general questions. He really is a standup guy. His products are always fresh and innovative….and for me they are always affordable. On top of that he is always improving existing products and I don’t think I’ve had to pay for any of the upgrades to date.

This Authority Plugin, Wiki Word Plugin, has all kinds of potential. Google loves Wiki stuff and that’s exactly what the plugin uses. Being able to spin it just gives you extra touch needed for authority/uniqueness. I would have liked to seen how Walt spins the content because we never know how that turns out, but at least you have that ability.

Google slapped around a few of my sites in the last year. Using the Authority Plugin just might help some of these sites get noticed and turned around….at least headed in the right direction. I still have more than a handful of domains just sitting around, it would be really easy to set up the domain and pop this plugin in and create a few pages and let it simmer 🙂

Looks like you’ve outdone yourself again Walt…..can’t wait to see it come out.

Click Here to see the new Wiki Word Plugin in action!

Good luck with the launch,


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