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Wp Lead X Review After Viewing Demo

Ok…… now,  there is a ‘Demo Link‘ of the theme and in my last review of wp lead x wordpress theme
I expressed my disappointment in the following:

-no demo on salespage
-no disclosure of the fact that you are buying a LITE version
-the 3 oto’s that really make this a great purchase, but the fact that they are oto’s
and very expensive was a big negative for me.

Some of you might not believe me regarding the lack of a demo link, so since I had the original salespage still open I took a screenshot. I also have a PDF of the the original salespages, I make a PDF of every product I purchase. Check out the screenshot below.

no demo link in original salespage

WP Lead X wp theme review

Well, I did write Jo Pixelcrafter before I posted the first review. It’s been 24+ hours and I still did not get a response. I did use a reply to email since his support page was not loading for me. But, I haven’t heard back from him. Please be advised…. I have no ill will toward Jo Pixelcrafter at all, however, I get tired of all the oto’s, timers, last one, offer gone ….etc and I just had to say something about the offer.

I did see that he added a “DEMO” link to the salespage though, and that was one of the
issues that I brought up with him.

Now that I have seen the demo, I think I would not have purchased. However, at 14 bucks
it is a bargain and no skin off my back. The layout is good, it looks good, great
features ……probably a personal preference for me, I do not like webpages that are
dynamic, that is the content floats in from some direction as you scroll down the page.
To me, this feature of floating content causes an interruption of my concentration.
I’m waiting for the content to fall into place…or spin into place, fly into space or
whatever its supposed to do. It is distracting, I’m not paying attention to the message
of the content because I feel like I’m in a circus ring.

I know this style of web design has gained some following but if one were to test this
type of site with a static site of the same content …..I believe the static content
would give you better results.

This type of floating content was once used with popups 10 years ago or more and faded
quickly simply because it was a distraction.

It would be very nice if you had the option of how you wanted the content presented. In
other words, if section one dropped down, maybe section 2 and 3 was static or loaded on
page load and then section 4 floated in and contained the sales button….. just a
thought. Even if we had the option to make the entire page a standard static webpage…
this would be very nice.

Sorry but still have not had a chance to install WP Lead X and do a review yet, but for 14 or 15 dollars you can’t go wrong. It won’t have all the bells and whistles of the OTO’s, but it does seem pretty complete. I think it is unfortunate that Jo called it a LITE version because upon viewing the demo and reading the salespage it looks like you could be getting a decent deal. Here’s the salespage, … I said, I did not install it and take it for a ride yet, but even if it were $20 or $25 I would pay that much for it if it weren’t for the dynamic content issues.

I’ll try to install it tomorrow…. but I’ve got doctors and hospital appointments so it could be a long day, I’ll install it as soon as I can and do a more detailed review of WP Lead X WordPress theme.

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