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WP Stealth Notes Review


wpstealthnote wordpress plugin

I left a post over at the warrior forum, in the wso section that was kind of a Review of WP Stealth Notes. I thought I would paste it here. This plugin is awesome, I can think of so many different ways to use wp stealth notes on a blog for offline marketers, local businesses, or just interent marketers. Read this WP Stealth Notes Review and pick up a copy….. I know you’ll use it.

My friend George Katsoudas has done it again. He’s created a simple plugin called WP Stealth Note that can be downloaded, setup and operating in less than 5 minutes. All I did was watch a demo video, didn’t even read the install pdf or notes.

Watch this quick Video on WPStealthNotes:

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.

Have you tried to configure some of the newest plugins lately? They can get very confusing, and I found the more confusing the more likely they won’t work at some time. This is a quick Wp Stealth Notes Review, all I gotta say is that this plugin is up to Georges’s very high standards…. just get it, Click Here.

WP Stealth Note allows you to create up to 3 messages that rotate on each page load, the messages appear as though they are coming from an alert box…..causing the website visitor to read.

You can put a plain text note, or some html code and even a youtube video.

You can have the same 3 ads or any number of the three ads show on home page, posts, pages or the entire site. Or you can create up to 3 new ads for each blog post….that’s really awesome because you can then target your message to match the content of the blog post.

I have a site I’m experimenting with at and I have the note to appear on each page load so you can see what it does. I’ll probably put my autoresponder code in one of the boxes to start building a Mchenry local roofing leads list.

Awesome plugin for offline marketers as well as traditional online internet marketing applicatons.

Great job George….Thanks 🙂


Grab a copy of Wp Stealth Notes and start increasing your visitor stay time and you might just get people to start buying stuff, clicking links or opting in 🙂


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